IMAS- Methoden für die PraxisIMAS differentiates itself consciously from unreflective data fabrication and sees its mission in the particular individual care of its customers. Amongst these are many well known brand label companies, as well as leading media, agencies, organisations and institutions.

The Institute’s scientific character is shown through close relationships with universities where members of staff carry out tutoring responsibilities and give presentations IMAS is committed to methodical progress, and since its establishment has made fundamental contributions to German market research, and assumes in many spheres a pioneering role.

The IMAS - credo is: maximum practical orientation associated with extreme methodological conscientiousness. That means …

  • good methodology questionnaires, they are the heart of every poll;
  • exact target group definition and precise sampling;
  • thorough briefing, training and supervision of field work;
  • in-depth analytical penetration of the data and;
  • comprehensible reporting with concrete marketing recommendations.


IMAS Qualitative

Good market researchers are a little like Economic doctors. Their diagnostic tools must suit to the variety of problems. Therefore IMAS serves not only large scale representative research, but uses specialised psychological techniques for specific tasks.
This is particularly necessary to uncover, with the help of modern creative techniques, opinions and attitudes which are deeply routed in the subconscious. Keywords for this are: ‘Memory scan’, LabelPersonification‘, ‘Laddering’ ‘Collage Techniques / Mood Boards‘, ‘Mapping / Mind Mapping‘, ‘Role Play‘ or ‘NLP Techniques’. As instruments are used: in-depth interviews (F2F / Phone), group discussions, online focus groups, workshops, Net-labs, ethnographic interviews etc. 

IMAS Quantitative

Even the most profound qualitative findings must be finally checked for its quantitative weight in the intended target group in order to assess their significance for marketing. IMAS International is one of the handpicked market research companies which can still afford a large scale interviewer network to carry out national representative face to face polls on a large random test basis. 

The IMAS - services in all countries:- Omnibus Face-to-face
- Omnibus CATI
- Online Surveys
- Studio Test
- Promotional Products Research
- Advertising Tracking
- Usage & Attitude Studies
- B-to-B surveys
- Customer Satisfaction Surveys