Omnibus 50+

About every 2nd adult consumers in Germany is 50 years or older. Merely because of their statistical weight, the 50+ generation with increasing tendency dominates the markets – as well as the dynamics of the public sphere and public culture, of cause. The 50+ generation is now more heterogeneous and complex than ever – thinking in age cohorts falls short! With the IMAS-Omnibus 50+ you can target your questions specifically to this lucrative consumer group.

The specific added value of IMAS Omnibus 50+:

In addition to a detailed socio-demographics, the omnibus includes a bulk of  attitudinal and behavioral characteristics – standard and free of charge!  This information will be compacted to around 30 typologiestheIMAS senior Profiles’, which have been found as meaningful and useful in terms of a clear-cut audience segmentation.
Thus panic savers“, “cocooners“, “Lonely“, “prestige-conscious“, “advertising Affine as well as brand loyaland many other marketing-related consumer target groups  can be identified and linked with your individual questions.


Omnibus 50 plus Preise

 * Prices are for Germany. Other countries on request.

Of course, we will deliver the results in all other popular data formats, optional with charts and report.

Your contact for IMAS-Omnibus 50+:

Achim von Kirschhofer

Tel: +49(0)89 / 490417-11