Advertising Research

IMAS supports you throughout the entire process of planning, control, and optimization of advertising campaigns, to the measurement of marketing activity results.


  • Budgeting - minimum height, distribution over time, intra-media split of advertising spendings: IMAS-BudgetRollMa
  • Pretest and optimizing your advertising material in the conceptualization IMAS-PreMeter
  • Posttest efficiency of your advertising materials by use of hard benchmarks: IMAS-PsychoMeter
  • Slogan test - awareness, assignability, effect of your slogans / brand claims IMAS-SloganMeter
  • Testimonial  test - awareness, model effect, degree of sympathy, personality profile, product fit of your prospective brand Ambassador: IMAS-PromiMeter
  • Strategic brand & communication tracking - effect of your campaigns to your brands evolution: IMAS-Brandscope Tracking



Your contacts for the advertising research:

Dr. Gudrun Klupacek, Senior Project Manager TV, Radio

Tel: +49 (0)89/490 417-12



Irmtraud Seitz, Senior Project Manager Plakat, Print

Tel: +49 (0)89/490 417-16