Advertising Budget Optimization

Budget-RollMa - advertising budget optimization


Determining the ideal amount, timing and distribution of the inter-media advertising budgets. The BudgetRollMa is a neutral and objective tool for advertising budget planning. It is used by a large number of renowned companies and brands for efficiency optimization of advertising budgets. The BudgetRollMa increases the effectiveness of your use of resources, covers potential savings and reduced uncertainties in the media budgeting process.


Your questions:

  • What is my optimal advertising budget per year?
  • What is the best advertising print my brand?
  • How do I sprinkle my budget optimally over time?
  • How often and how long can I take a break?
  • When can I pause, when not? How does a change campaign?
  • What to consider when changing the media mix?
  • How to consider the marketing behaviour of my competitors in my planning?


The Solution:

The BudgetRollMa provides you with concrete answers. It reveals the basic impact-mechanisms and is able to even give clarity to complex prosesses. The instrument offers direct applicable operational recommendations for the strategical budget planning.

We would be happy to inform you about this instrument and its insights for the marketing budgeting non-binding and free of charge.

Your contact:

Achim von Kirschhofer, Managing Director

Tel: +49(0)89/490417-11