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Oszillograph Werbetest PsychoMeter


Psychometer  is a standardized advertising effectiveness measurement tool for classic advertising materials (TV commercials, radio spots, print ads and posters).  

It is one of the best known and most widely used tools of its kind in Germany.

PM evaluates the efficiency of your advertising materials based on benchmarks from the extensive  pool data and thereby enables the comparison with previous advertising materials of your house or with those of your competitors.Currently results are available of some

- 11,000 TV commercials
- 7,000 radio spots
- 8,000 ads
- 4000 posterswhich can be used as benchmarks for comparison under various aspects.

The concept as a Multi-Client-Study makes this test an inexpensive option. The realisation happens efficiently and quickly according to your wishes and results are swiftly available.


Your contact:

Dr. Gudrun Klupacek, Senior Project Manager TV, Radio
Tel: +49 (0)89/490 417-12


Irmtraud Seitz, Senior Project Manager Plakat, Print
Tel: +49 (0)89/490 417-16



The PreMeter is a sophisticated pre-test, which can of course be also used as a post-test. It is suitable for all promotional material at each stage of development, whether as – concept, storyboard, Audiomatic, animatic, ready-spot, ready-to-display, etc.
The PreMeter stands for solid advertising research based on psychological insights into how consumers react to an advertising idea what they accept and what to reject. And it examines the complex relationship between what consumers think and what they do.

 The PreMeter provides answers to your questions:
• Is your advertising likely to be noticed?
• Can repeats captivate the audience or wears away the advertising?
• In what proportion of the target group, the advertising works?
• How thinks the audience on advertising?
• What are the consequences advertising for brand awareness?
• What issues need to be worked out in order to overcome resistance?
• What brand messages are beeing conceived by the target audience?
• Are these (still) important?
• Are they accepted and do they reinforce the affinity with the brand?
• Is the brand the “Hero of advertising”?
• Any increase of willingness to buy in the target group?
• What needs to be done to make the advertising most efficient?

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Your contact persons:

Irmtraud Seitz, Senior Project Manager
Tel: +49 (0)89/490 417-16


Dr. Gudrun Klupacek, Senior Project Manager
Tel: +49 (0)89/490 417-12