Celebrity-Test “PromiMeter”

The “PromiMeter” (Celebrity-Tests) is used to sizing up advertising value” of celebrities as testimonials in advertising, so determine what contribution for the advertising success of a brand through the awareness and the personal image of a prominent personality is to be expected.


National representative survey based on 1.000 personal (f2f) interviews of the German Population. as part of IMAS Omnibus surveys of the German population aged 16 and over.

The survey carried out using a standardized questionnaire program in order to ensure comparability of results over all Celebrity meters and to allow the formation of standard ratings (benchmarks)The Institute has an extensive database of existing celebrity (PromiMeter-) data.

The tools default questionnaire can be expanded through custom questions.

Fieldstart is  15th of each month (booking deadline)


 Currently on the bench:



Your contact for the PromiMeter (Celebrity-Test):

Irmtraud Seitz, Senior Project Manager

Tel: +49 (0)89/490 417-16

Mail: seitz@imas-international.de