IMAS BrandScope

The Brandscope-Tracking has been developed by IMAS as a strategic marketing and brand tracking that is not standardised but customised to the needs of the client.

  • it covers the marketing-recall and the brand-recall (in order to report the current influence of the marketing, how far it reaches and its branding quality.)
  • it reports on all medias individually (TV, adverts, radio, posters, direct mail etc)
  • it does not only measure the marketing penetration, but also the actual effect, the influence of the marketing on the brand itself.

You get to know more about your clients and your brand

….what was learned about the product/the product characteristics?
….what was moved in the image, how did the shares of the brand change within the image dimensions?
… how is the change in the preference probability
… In how far do the marketing expenditures fit the results. Like this, the relationship between input and output is shown.
… How is your brand seen within the competitor field. Like this, you´ll get a complete picture of the market.

If you would like to know more about the BrandScope-Tracking method, please click here.

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