Citizen satisfaction

IMAS Community Check

The Community Check is a survey instrument to measure the public satisfaction in their communal living conditions. It provides good information about how to develop successful, close to the public communal politics by giving answers to questions in the following areas.

  • Where are the strength and weaknesses of the city/community from the public point of view?
  • What demands does the public have towards their city/community?
  • How happy is the public with the different aspects of the communal quality of living?
  • What advantages of the city/community can be expressed and presented in the communication and in the marketing for the location?
  • How does the city/community position itself in comparison to others?
  • In what areas of the communal politics is the need for action?
  • How does the public judge some specific communal projects?
  • The community check appeals to communal planers and decision makers in politics, administration and city marketing.

Your advantage:

  • Professional and reliable methods and application.
  • Anonymous and objective questioning.
  • Convincing results on a representative basis.
  • The possibility to compare with communities of similar size and structure, because of extensive benchmarks.
  • Inexpensive, quick, flexible.


your contact for the ComCheck:

Achim von Kirschhofer, Managing Director
Tel: +49 (0)89/490417-11